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What to Know About Tape-in Hair Extensions

Semi permanent or temporary hair extensions?  Hello friends, We're here today to answer some of the most common questions about tape- ins. There are a few different hair extension types. They will either be semi permanent or temporary. Tape-in extensions are semi...

Remy Giveaway- Learn why this hair grade is ROYAL

Hello everybody! What is Remy hair?  A common and good question to ask! Every year we look forward to our annual hair extension giveaway This time we are going to be giving away a set of Remy hair extensions. Not only is the quality the best of the best. Longevity is...

How the hell do I put these in my hair? 🤷‍♀️

Don't fret over it we're going to break it down for you real fast! Over the last few months that's a question that we hear often. They really are very easy once you get the hang of it. Sets can come in as many as 10 pieces which can be overwhelming if it's your first...

💜 Peekaboo majestic purple and black raven🖤

Let's just say these two hair colors met and the rest is history.  This hair color painting pattern is awesome for people who don't want a full on loud ass color.  To achieve this look the top layers of your hair will remain the same the magic is underneath🔮 Creating...

😍Fire engine RED hair

Happy Monday peeps, Okay so when a customer says I want my hair vibrant RED like a damn fire engine 🚒 truck. Well that's what we do. This color is nothing short of a show stopper.  Now we know not everyone wants to stand out like a sexy stop sign. But if your about...

Icy Snow White hair 

Mirror mirror on the wall who's the baddest of them all? This Icy Snow White wig is!! Well since coloring your real hair this color is not going to happen over night. 😂 What better way to slay then with a full lace wig?  This gem is custom made and it's 26"!  I always...

🦄This hair color is LIT 🔥 

🚨Hot color alert 🚨 MAGENTA!! This color is bold and majestic 🦄 making it impossible not to turn heads. I'm still amazed at how beautiful this color looks on this babe. Not to mention that fishtail braid is killing it. Now we know your not all going to run and color...

Braid GOALs 💜💜 embrace your color passion

Oh my heavens! If these aren't braid goals I don't know what is 😂.  This is what 24 inches of Mystical Violet Purple braids look like! The  colors are perfectly blended with human hair and synthetic blend. They are light in weight and easier to take care of! If your...

Baby, I can’t feel your 😇 HALO

"You're everything I need and more It's written all over your face Baby, I CAN'T 😂feel your halo 😇 Pray it won't fade away" 🎤🎶 "You're everything I need and more It's written all over your face Baby, I CAN'T 😂feel your halo 😇 Pray it won't fade away" 🎤🎶 No but...

Hair longer then your short shorts 👩🏼

Well, Hey there good looking! Whatcha got cooking? Hey babes had to share what we have been up to lately. This cutie pie asked for a 26" full lace wig! And that's exactly what she got. This is a custom wig it's bleached white blond and is 100% human hair. Now wigs...

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Style (Made easy)

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Vibrant Color Edition:  Lipstick colors, hair colors, outfit colors, shoe colors, hat colors, nail colors, eye shadow colors, You get the point by now. if your brave or bold enough to try some of the unique and bright discoveries we find here is where you will find them. You can always see them first on somebody else before you decide yay or nay.

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We will be sharing some of our favorite products and fashion inspirations
Spring Heels- Vibrant pink pointed toes
Make-up Basics
Satin  Lace Pink Tutu Skirt – Pink Pastels
Make Up Brush Goals

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Latest News With Ethnic Beauty

Watch some of  the newest and hottest braid trends, and DIY hair styles, Hair care tips that stimulate natural hair growth and more.

Natural hair, don’t care 💁🏾

We got the recipe your hair loves ❤️❤️ Okay so you decided to go natural and not put any perms or chemicals in your hair. I recently saw on Facebook that one of my cousins decided to go team natural. She's always had long beautiful hair anyways growing up. So she cut...

💕Bubblegum Pink Cornrows

This hairstyle falls under the category DOPE 😂 Every lil hair is perfectly in place and I love how the colors tie together at the end. Braiding hair colors have gotten very creative to say the least. the combinations and blending of the braiding hair is endless. ...

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