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Summer Skin Care Tips: A Guide For A Radiant Skin

Give Them A Try This Summer Your body will thank you Now that summer is here let's talk about skin care! We have Some tips that you should be following to ensure the longevity and protection of your beautiful skin. Extended exposure out in the sun can really wreak...

Skin Care 101 -Bug Bites & DIY Natural Insect Repellent

Skin Care For The Outdoors Fight the bugs with ease Bonfires, camping, hiking and the great outdoors sound perfect in the summertime.   The only thing not fun about being outdoors is getting bug bites. If you're like most of us you end up scratching the heck out of...

DIY Sea Salt Beach Wave Spray

Shake, Spray and Slay Beach wave season is here. I know we all can't spend our summer days on the beach living it up. If you are wanting to get that beach wave look, We have everything you need to make your own sea salt spray. It's very likely that you already have...

Hair Care Tips To Protect Your Locks During The Summer

Easy Summer Hair Care Tips for Swimmers Before and after It's summer time so that means you should get out of the house and enjoy nature, or a public swimming pool!  Salt water can bleach your hair  and pool water strips the hair of moisture. Swimming is the best way...

The Truth- All Skin Tones Need Sun Protection

Are darker skin tones protected from the sun? No skin tone is exempt from sun protection A big assumption or myth out there is that not all skin tones need sunscreen or some protection. I am here to tell you that it's not true and all skin tones need sun protection....

What Are Protective Hairstyles? How Do They Help?

They Stimulate Natural Hair Growth  You can be creative with your own twist  With more and more women on the roll to protect their natural hair and edges protective hairstyles has become a big thing. It's really just a fancy way of saying a hairstyle that is...

3 Simple DIY Face Masks- Summer Edition

Make Them At Home This Summer & Forever We are all about do-it-yourself! These are our top three face masks because they are super easy and require very little ingredients. More than likely you have everything you need to make at least one. For oily skin the brown...

Swimming Tips 101 For Ethnic Hair – Protect Your Locks!

Curly Hair Don't Care - Waves On Swim Edition We got the 411 on what you need to keep those curls popping and healthy 8 Simple ways to protect your natural hair while swimming. Don't forget your sunscreen though girl. When you're not rocking your favorite hairstyle...

What to Know About Tape-in Hair Extensions

Semi permanent or temporary hair extensions?  Hello friends, We're here today to answer some of the most common questions about tape- ins. There are a few different hair extension types. They will either be semi permanent or temporary. Tape-in extensions are semi...

Remy Giveaway- Learn why this hair grade is ROYAL

Hello everybody! What is Remy hair?  A common and good question to ask! Every year we look forward to our annual hair extension giveaway This time we are going to be giving away a set of Remy hair extensions. Not only is the quality the best of the best. Longevity is...

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Style (Made easy)

Calling all hues and colors that pop

Vibrant Color Edition:  Lipstick colors, hair colors, outfit colors, shoe colors, hat colors, nail colors, eye shadow colors, You get the point by now. if your brave or bold enough to try some of the unique and bright discoveries we find here is where you will find them. You can always see them first on somebody else before you decide yay or nay.

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Our Favorites

We will be sharing some of our favorite products and fashion inspirations
Spring Heels- Vibrant pink pointed toes
Make-up Basics
Satin  Lace Pink Tutu Skirt – Pink Pastels
Make Up Brush Goals

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Latest News With Ethnic Beauty

Watch some of  the newest and hottest braid trends, and DIY hair styles, Hair care tips that stimulate natural hair growth and more.

Natural hair, don’t care 💁🏾

We got the recipe your hair loves ❤️❤️ Okay so you decided to go natural and not put any perms or chemicals in your hair. I recently saw on Facebook that one of my cousins decided to go team natural. She's always had long beautiful hair anyways growing up. So she cut...

💕Bubblegum Pink Cornrows

This hairstyle falls under the category DOPE 😂 Every lil hair is perfectly in place and I love how the colors tie together at the end. Braiding hair colors have gotten very creative to say the least. the combinations and blending of the braiding hair is endless. ...

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